Solomenko Institute of Transport Problems

of the Russian academy of sciences



The Institute of Transport Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences was founded by order of the Presidium of the USSR 1248 from 26.11.1990 on the basis of structural units of the Transport Commission.

According to decree of the Presidium of RAS 22.11.2011 241 of the IPT RAS carries on research in the following main areas:

  • Scientific basis of information and organization of transport systems
  • Scientific basis of the development of intelligent transport systems
  • Resource saving technologies for transportation, including the use of nanotechnologies
  • Development of complex methods of decrease technogenic loading from transport systems
  • Scientific basis for predicting the development of transport
  • Director:
    Malygin Igor G., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

    phone: +7(812) 323-29-54


  • Deputy Director for Science:
    Komashinsky Vladimir I., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.

    phone: +7(812) 323-29-54


  • Scientific Secretary:
    Pritzker Vladimir I., Ph.D., Associate Professor.

    phone: +7(812) 321-76-37